Betting on corner kicks

Because there are actually quite a lot of different variants at 22Bet. One of the classics is clearly the bet on the total number of corners. Bookies usually set a limit of 10 or 11 corners. In addition, bettors can bet that more or fewer corners will be scored, who will score more corners, when the first corner will be scored, and so on.  But there are way more special ways of betting. And not only for football. Any kind of sport type you can make specific bets, like red or yellow cards. There are literally no boundaries. Here you have a list of what you can bet on.


Sports betting on yellow and red cards allows you to place bets on how many cards will be distributed by the referee in a match.

The most popular form of this bet is to correctly estimate whether more or less cards will be shown than the bookmaker specifies before the start of the match.

Many bookies now offer you the opportunity to place sports bets on yellow cards. In most cases – similar to betting on corner kicks – you have various options at your disposal.



Long-term bets can present themselves in different betting markets. Representatives are, for example, season start bets, bets on the European Championship, World Cup or tips on the German champion.

Long-term bets are about placing betting tips on an event that is still more or less far away in terms of time. At the same time, this means that you cannot expect your winnings in the next few hours or days.

The exact duration of a long-term bet depends on the time of betting and the end of the event. For example, if you bet on the upcoming soccer world champion, you will have to wait a maximum of just under 4 years (!) for a bet evaluation. In order to be as successful as possible, you should obtain forecasts for the World Cup beforehand.

Very long term bets can have very good odds. However, they are always very difficult to predict.



Betting on the top scorer is a very popular form of long term betting. Accordingly, they are available at virtually every bookmaker.

Here, too, there are different types of bets available. For example, you can bet on the top scorer in the Bundesliga, Champions League, Premier League and, of course, on the top scorers in the World and European Championships.


Special bets do not have a clear definition. What some bookies call special bets, others call standard bets.

As a rule, however, the betting markets always belong to the special bets, where it is not or hardly possible. Some of the previously described betting markets definitely fall into the “special area” at some betting providers.

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