Euroleague Final Four bets: The final duel

“The best for last” is an expression that can be tired, boring and very seen, but in the world of sports it is really true. But if we talk about the best European competition, it is even more real. Between May 17 and 19, the four biggest teams in Europe will face each other… but there will really be five if we count you and your bets on the 2023 Euroleague Final Four!

With bets on the Final Four you will experience firsthand this unique basketball event on the continent. If your team is eliminated, if you’re with us you won’t notice it, and if your favorite club is in the final four, we hope you know how to separate head and heart, or that it’s not necessary.

Who is who? Meet them before your bets on the Final Four!

Real Madrid, the reigning champion

The defending champion reaches the semis very well placed in the betting on the Euroleague Final Four. With great offensive power, they reach the final table after having eliminated Panathinaikos on the fast track. Thanks to the 3-0 they reach the Final Four with minimal wear and tear and with a great show of strength. After winning the tenth season last season, now all they have to do is prepare for the eleventh?

CSKA Moscow, the return

CSKA Moscow

CSKA Moscow seeks revenge. The Russians once again meet a Real Madrid team that eliminated them the previous year in the semis. After finishing second and prevailing against a very dedicated Baskonia, he has a golden opportunity to claim what (he hopes) is his. This could be his fourth Euroleague!

Fenerbahce, the favorite

The Turks are probably the big betting favorites for the Final Four, albeit a short distance behind the others. With 25 of 30 victories in the regular phase of the season, they have signed a great career and have imposed themselves on Zalgiris. The Turks arrive determined to expand their record in the Euroleague.

Anadolu Efes, to surprise

A virgin club that is not at all the favorite in the Euroleague Final Four bets. He has not yet won the title of champion, but there can always be a first time. He reached the Final Four after having defeated a whole Barcelona, which forced up to a fifth game. They will face off against their compatriots from Fenerbahçe in order to reach the final, with which there will surely be a Turk in the final. Will they open their private Euroleague account?

Betting on the Euroleague Final Four: Who will be the champion?

Both the best and the worst ranked in the Euroleague Final Four forecasts arrive from Istanbul, but the last word remains to be said. On the other hand, the distance between favorites to win is smaller than ever, things are more even than ever… This is how things are for Final Four champion bets:

  • Win Fenerbahce @2.50
  • Win CSKA Moscow @3.20
  • Win Real Madrid @3.20
  • Win Anadolu Efes @9.00

Predictions for the Final Four

Predictions for the Final Four

But we know you well, and we know that your EuroLeague Final Four bets are not limited to champion bets. But don’t worry, here you can find data and statistics for each of the matches, so you can make your most advanced bets and optimize your earnings. These are the most interesting bets for each crossing of the box.

Fenerbahçe vs Anadolu Efes 05/17 at 18:00

Fenerbahçe has won a total of 25 games in the regular phase, 5 more than Andalou Efes, although they continue similar streaks. For its part, Fenerbahçe has an average of 158 total points in its Euroleague matches, and Andalou Efes 165, thanks to its offensive potential.

  • Fenerbahçe win with Handicap -4 @1.90
  • More than 153 points @1.90

With a handicap? If you are new and want to know all the details to bet with a handicap in basketball, do not miss our tips.

CSKA Moscow vs Real Madrid 05/17 at 21:00

Two teams that arrive really even in the European league draw, and this is reflected in the bets on the Euroleague Final Four. Only 13 points in attack and two victories separate the two teams that lead the scoring in the regular phase, even above the leader.

  • More than 165 points @1.90
  • CSKA wins the first quarter @1.90

This is how the Euroleague Final Four crosses and bets are. As always, bet with moderation and knowledge, and above all, have a great time with the Euroleague.

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