Tips for betting Liga Endesa ACB: The keys

The basketball league is probably not the most popular or the most spectacular, especially if we compare it with other competitions. But the truth is that the ACB or Endesa League betting forecasts are increasingly sought after. It should not stand out, since it is the main basketball competition at the local level, and it can give you great fun in an integrated way with the Euroleague or the NBA.

Obviously, everyone will have their favorite competition. You can be crazy about the NBA, but make recurring or one-off bets on the ACB Liga Endesa, or make predictions on the Endesa League or ACB your main source for online gambling. Be that as it may, here you will find the keys to make your predictions with maximum reliability.

ACB League, fief of Madrid and Barcelona

The forecasts for the ACB or Liga Endesa are clearly a feud between Real Madrid and Barcelona. This is also reflected in the matches in which both teams will be clearly favourites. It is very likely that they will win (they usually lose between 5 and 10 games in the regular phase). In some edition they usually “fall” and Baskonia or Valencia enter the select club, but in general it is like that. In any case, we recommend you follow the moment of form and the trajectory of each year, so that your bets on the Endesa or ACB League are as accurate as possible.

As data, including the matches of the First Division of the National League of the Spanish Basketball Federation (ancestor of the ACB), Madrid has won 35 of the 64 seasons and Barcelona 15. That is, Madrid more than 54% and Barcelona the 23%, together 78%. Only Baskonia has won 4 editions, all of them in this decade, being an emerging power. Badalona, for its part, has won 4, but the last one was in 1992.

This supremacy is also transferred in parties. Madrid has won 1,571 of 2011 (78%) and Barcelona 1,454 of 1997 (72%) and on average they have only lost 7 and 9 games per season respectively.

Other ACB and Endesa League bets and predictions

Endesa League bet

But apart from the winner of the season or matches, there are many more bets on the ACB or Endesa League that may be interesting for you. Among them we find the following:

  • Handicap bets: Due to the big difference between the big ones and the small ones, they can add value to the ACB odds. (Some teams do not win more than 8 games)
  • Betting on points: Betting on total points (or ranges) even crossing it with a winner, your ACB Liga Endesa predictions will have even more value.
  • Bets for quarters or parts: You can divide the two previous points between quarters or parts. For Barcelona to win a game against the last one is easy, but it will have low odds. Now, what does each party gain?

Obviously, for many matches, betting only on the winner will be enough, but for others, such as those involving the big players, it will not. To make bets as competitive as possible on these matches, you should look at odds, but not only. You will have to take several factors into account as well:

  • History of confrontations between both teams (on both tracks)
  • Moment of form of both teams
  • Role of the most outstanding players, casualties
  • Motivation (they are already first, they are already in the Playoffs… do they play anything)

Data for betting tips: ACB Liga Endesa

With data in hand… what do we see? Barcelona achieved an average advantage of 9 points per game, compared to 10 for Real Madrid (in the regular season). Valencia between 7 and 8, and Zaragoza between 4 and 5. But the truth is that excluding defeats, games between the greats and games with nothing at stake, betting on a -10 handicap for Barcelona and Madrid is usually interesting. But as always… look at the data mentioned for this season!

In terms of points, we see an average of 163.9 points per game. This is very important for ACB bets on total points, although, as always, keep an eye on more specific data for the match you are betting on. As a curiosity, all the teams have moved in figures similar to those 164. Only two (Estudiantes and Fuenlabrada) have gone over 170 points on average in total (due to poor defense) and Gipúzcoa significantly less (due to attack).

How do ACB forecasts work?

ACB forecasts

The Endesa or ACB League consists of a regular phase in which a total of 18 teams participate. All of them will face each other a total of twice, at home and away, which means 34 days. But the winner of the regular phase will not win the ACB! And then… why is the regular phase important?

From there, the PlayOffs will be played. From the outset, it is important for the intermediate teams to reach the eighth position to play the final phase of the competition. On the other hand, for the greats it is important to get a good position to have it easier at the beginning of the ACB Playoff. From the quarterfinals (best of 3 games) a frenetic pace begins until the semifinals and the final (best of 5). A finalist will play between 8 and 13 games… in less than a month! Will you miss it?

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